Morning Dugout Banter

So A-Roid is back in the news about more steriod use, this time going all the way back to high school. Wonder if Alex has had time to call Mark McGwire on how to handle the rest of his career?
What’s the Pirates gotta do to win in Milwaukee? Last night’s game was a heartbreaker for Pittsburgh. Ian Snell, starting pitcher for the Bucs, made only one mistake…to the opposing pitcher, Yovani Gallardo, who went yard on an 0-2 pitch into left field.

That was all he needed, for hit threw 8 innings, struck out 11, and gave up only 2 hits for a 1-0 win.

St. Louis Cardinals have called up Tyler Greene from the minors to help out at the 6 position. Last night Brendan Ryan was put on the DL for a strained hammy, which he injured running to 1st base. Word is Khalil Greene will be unavailable for at least the first two games of the approaching 4-game series against the Washington Nationals. Greene is suffering from a right forearm strain that makes it difficult for him to throw. 

Hope he does not aggravate it while working over his surfer boy hairstyle in the morning.


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