Thoughts Of The Day

– Since Donald Fehr annouced his retirements plans as the head of the Player’s Union of professional baseball, I keep hearing and reading the same thing aobut him. That he was great for the players and a villian for baseball.

Great that the average salary has gone from $293,000(USD) 25 years ago, to $2,930,000(USD) today. Can’t argue with that one.

It’s the villian vision I have a problem with. I keep reading that he did everything possible to protect the steriod users. Now I am not saying he is a saint…he IS a lawyer for chist sakes! But was he the one who made the the bad apples shove the shit down there throats and inject it in their butts? NO. He did exactly what he was hired and paid to do by the players union.

– Congrats to Mariano Rivera for notching his 500th save earlier this week. Great record for a great guy. Extra cherries on top for being able to do it with the same team he started his career with.

– I am actually looking forward to keeping up with the NBA Eastern Conference next year.

– Hearing about Yao Ming’s foot injury probably keeping him out next season and possibly career ending brings back memories of Bill Walton and Sam Bowie.


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