Congrats to Mark Buerle’s Perfect Game

Mark Buerle just threw a perfect game today against the Tampa Rays today. It is only the 17th perfect game to ever been thrown in MLB history. This is his second no-hitter in just a little over two years. He also threw one on opening day of the 2007 season.

The no-hitter today almost came to a crushing stop with one out in the ninth inning, along with the shut out. Gabe Kapler lead off the ninth inning with a drive deep to left center which, if it had not been for Dewayne Wise bolting to top speed from the crack of the bat, and making a leaping jump against the fence to catch it, it would surely have been a homer. Wise hit the wall so hard that the ball popped loose from his glove and he had to use his free hand to complete the catch.

The next two batters struck out and grouded out respectively, all the time with the White Sox fans chanting Buerle’s name.

“Winning the World Series tops everything, but on a personal goal, this tops all,” Buehrle said.

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