Stupid Stuff In Sports News

So Lebron got dunked on by some college cat. Big deal. Have you seen the video? I had to watch it twice in my disbelief of such very uninspiring video. I was waiting for an “in your face!” dunk. Instead I saw “ho-hum”.

Rumor has it that the Cardinals are interested in a possible trade for Matt Holliday. Are you kidding me? They just traded away Chris Duncan, and he only made 500,000. This guy has the same power numbers away from Coors field and makes 13 million!!! And we would have to include our best prospect from Triple A for him? WTF?

Now on to golf, which I do enjoy watching. I have even been to a coupe of major tournaments. But this gets to me….Final round, the leaders are on the 18th green. You have hundreds, if not a few thousand people. Now most of these people are very well off, highly educated people who as a collective group, become as dumb as a box of warm feces. You don’t believe me? Think of what I just said when Tiger Woods hits his putt, and then everyone screams at the top of their lungs, “GO IN THE HOLE!!!!!”

So Michael Vick hits a Gentleman’s Club first night out a federally sponsered ankle jewelry on. Oh no, not Michael? You dipshit! Not exactly what you want broadcasted when you are trying to get back into the NFL.

Oh, and one more. “Is the MLS a Feeder League?” Yes, yes, and YES!!!! Enough said.
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