"I Wish I Would Have Taken The Blue Pill"

Remember in the movie “the Matrix”, where Cypher says to Neo “I should have taken the blue pill” and wishes that he never learned the truth? That’s how I feel about the issue of steriods in baseball.

Yesterday, I hear that David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez popped positive from the 2003 report. Peter Gammons goes on the “Mike & Mike in The Morning” show and says that there is probably at least one steriods user on every World Series Team from 1989 to 2006. And once again, I have to read about Jose Canseco saying “I told you so”.

JFC!!!! The trade deadline happens today!! THAT’s what we should be getting bombarded with!

Stop it already. We are freaking sick of it. Yes, we know it has happened. Yes, we know it probably still is happening. And yes, records don’t mean much to a lot of us between 1989 and now. But it is still the game of baseball that we love. Gimme more of pennant races, day ball games, “cold dogs and warm beer”.

Gimme Nuke Laloosh breathing out of his eyelids and John Fogerty singing “Centerfield”.
Gimme numbers and stats off the back of a baseball card. Gimme Mike Shannon, Vin Scully, and Jon Miller telling stories during rain delays.

But PLEASE stop with the steriod talk and banter!!!!!


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