Chris Carpenter for the Cy Young Award

Chris Carpenter (Matt Sayles/AP)


Yesterday was a long day. Rained all day, son’s soccer game was delayed 75 minutes, game ran longer than any of us thought (although no one minded at all, six year olds running around having fun is GREAT to watch), and then not getting home until 9 PM. You would think it would be time to settle down and it the hay, right?


IT was time to tune in for the Cardinals vs. Dodgers game!!! And it was worth watching!

The type of game that I like, I received…a well pitched game.

Charlie Haeger, starter for the Dodgers, pitched a pretty good game, and for a knuckleballer, I have never seen such control of his pitches. He only made two mistakes, but they were costly. Albert Pujols hit a solo dinger in the fourth, and Rick Ankiel smoked a two run homer in the seventh, enough to hold off the Dodgers 3-2.

However, I was more impressed with Chris Carpenter last night. Eight K’s, one walk, five hits, and only two runs in eight innings. He ran his record to 13-30 on the year with a 2.27 ERA. But more than just his stats, his demeanor on the mound REALLY impressed. All night, he never got the strike call on his outside fastball to right handers. He had control last night, as usual, but no help from the ump. So he had to adjust, which he did the whole game, and came away with another well pitched gem.

Carp is not known as a strikeout pitcher, but has struck out 18 batters total in his last two starts, which is included in his last eight straight wins.

I think Carp is a very strong candidate for the Cy Young Award this year, along with fellow teammate Adam Wainwright, Dan Haren, Matt Cain, and last year’s winner Tim Lincecum.


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