Baseball Fielding Drills

This baseball drill goes back to one of my favorite coaches of all time:
We would start practice with a piece of wood in one hand playing catch at a short distance. We would slowly move back as we sped up

the transition from the wood to our hand.

When the kids get started the ball bounces off of the wood and only a few kids can even catch it. After a while the kids are pulling

the ball from the wood with very little contact. We then jump right into quick catch with our gloves. Before you know it everyone is

a SS or 2B turning double plays up the middle.

Another one I like is:
I have a half dozen 1/2? dowels of wood that are taped at one end for a good grip. We place the kids in a big circle and have a coach

pitch plastic golf balls to each kid. In no time the kids are destroying the balls, sure makes it easy to hit the sweet spot on the

bat during batting practice.

This is guaranteed to bring every kids BAVG up a few points.


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