Youth Baseball Batting Drills

One of the drills I like to use is a tee at home plate and plastic balls. We put the tee at home plate and have one of the coaches

sit on a bucket maybe about 15 feet away. We tell the kids to try and hit coach on the bucket (coach sitting on the bucket rags kids

ie..”common you can’t hit me”) The kids really concentrate on going up the middle/throwing hands out with out even knowing it.

Batting Practice: Using an L screen and sitting down about 20-25′ from home plate to run batting practice. You can throw a high

percentage of strikes, you are at a height level that more closely simulates that of a LL pitcher and the short distance and slower

toss provides similar reaction time to a 9 or 10 year old throwing from 45′. Put a bucket and a player out in deep CF to gather all

the balls. A few fielders out in the outfield to gather and throw to the guy with the bucket. This way you can get all the kids a

lot of quality swings in a short period of time.


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