Need To Get Tough, Tony Romo

tony-romo2Tom Orsborn wrote an article about Tony Romo and comments made by the great Tony Dorsett. Tony is quoted as saying Tony Romo “hasn’t done much” as an NFL quarterback.

Well I agree, and here is my response…

As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I agree with this article. I am not cheering for Romo to lose, or hoping that he fails. I want him to succeed. I am not going to blame him for being anointed by the press. You can thank Jerry Jones for giving him the big contract. Can’t blame Jerry Jones though, I am sure there were other teams waiting on the sidelines to swoop Romo up if Romo had not resigned before becoming a free agent.

So, welcome Dallas Cowboy football, Tony. And with that comes attitude. You need a new one. A positive one. So you took all the blame for Sunday’s loss…blah blah blah. I get it, you’re a team player, a good man. But you need to get tough. All the great ones were tough. Staubach, Bradshaw, Montana, Aikman, Elway, Brady. Those were winners. They were tough. they were leaders! They thrived on being THE MAN.

And don’t think that everyone loved these guys in the locker room. There is no way. They had to being the general, the one who stepped up in everyone face and said, “Follow me, do your job, and I will lead us to a victory.”

Tony, you have the brains, the talent, the arm. You need some guts.


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