Baseball Practice Tips – Indoor Drills

Special thanks to Marty for sending this one in. If you’ve every struggled with baseball practice tips for indoor drills, you must

try these out!

From Marty

I coach high school baseball in Pennsylvania so the early season weather is always an issue. For us, the entire preseason, most of

tryouts, and part of the early season is spent in a small high school gym. The following are some of the things we have found to do:

1. Speed and agility. We stress an aggressive running attach. To prepare for the season we work hard on ladders, form running, and

other quickness drills. This pays huge dividends in season. Not only does it make us quicker, but it also strengthens the legs

which helps us as hitters and pitchers.

2. Fundamentals. We drill fundamentals in doors. We stress fielding techniques, pitchers form and mechanics, swing technique. We

work on reading pitchers pick off moves, and executing pick off moves.
We work on run downs, bunt defense, and 1st and 3rd situations. By the time we get to tryouts, we have the majority of our plays

already installed.

3. Have some fun. Indoor practices get monotonous so we try to keep them fun. We will use Easton incrediballs and play homerun

derby, or we play a 6 on 6 game with live pitching where we can work on reacting to and hitting off of live pitching.

4. Indoors we take a lot of swings. One of the drills we use involves the use of the Easton Incrediballs and the Easton easy curve

balls. We pull the curtain dividing the gym in two. We then set up two L-screens on each side, creating 4 batting stations. We

then rotate the kids through each batting station, stressing something different at each station. We will usually stress opposite

field hitting at one station, off speed pitches at a second station, hitting in certain counts at a third station, and mix everything

together at a fourth station. The kids who are not up are bunting on the side.

This is a sampling of the things we do indoors. We have many other drills we have had to come up with over the years to account for

the poor weather we must deal with. I hope you enjoy.


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