Little League Baseball – Monkey in the Middle

Coming up with new ideas for drills for free little league baseball can sometimes be a challenge. Here’s a baseball drill from Steve

that is working well.

Monkey In The Middle

This helps my players, when throws come in from the outfield, to quickly relay the ball. Also helps on double plays.

Imagine a tic-tac-toe board. Place a person in each box with three balls, one given to each person on the end of the row. To start,

that person throws to the one (monkey) in the middle row. She then throws to the person on the other end. Then that person throws

back to the person in the middle and then throws to the person starting the sequence. Then the process is repeated.

This starts slow and speeds up as you go. What this helps develop is that the monkey in the middle turns towards the person throwing

the ball with their throwing arm side. This allows the ball to come into the gloved hand, across the body. This will allow the

throwing hand to be behind the ball ready to throw as oppose to catching the ball out in front of you, and having to then turn the

body towards the target.

The coach must watch and correct each player when they step toward the thrower with their gloved hand because they will!


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