Time To Think About Spring Training

For those of you lucky enough to live in warm weather climates where baseball can be played year round, Spring Training probably does not hold great importance. However, for many, the cold and snow of January and February do make the coming of baseball season seem light years away. For those of you in those climates, please, keep the faith! Baseball will be here soon. Note that the big leaguers are beginning their Spring Training seasons in Florida and Arizona by the end of next week, which means that the snow will eventually melt and baseball will be played in your neck of the woods in a matter of a few short months.

To help keep the mind sharp and hopes up for the upcoming baseball season, you can use the coming of big league Spring Training as a time to make sure you are getting your own game in gear for the coming year.

For the youngest players, this would be a good time to find your glove and make sure it is in shape, break the bat out of the closet and practice gripping the ball.  For those who do not have equipment yet but are excited to try baseball this spring, this time of year is a good time to begin thinking of getting your equipment situation in order. Please check out our ‘Equipment’ page to find resources to help players of any age and level get ready for the new year.

For the intermediate players, this would be a good time to sneak out and have a game of catch with a friend or your dad when the weather permits. While running around on the field isn’t possible yet, there’s surely a driveway or a street path that can allow a quick game of catch that can get the eyes, arm, and body used to the movement of the ball and the excitement of playing once again.

For the advanced player (anyone in high school or in advanced travel leagues), you will probably want to be able to get outside and play some catch come heck or high water. Your arms and legs will need some conditioning before the season starts, and this is the time of year to get the blood flowing and the muscles ready for action.  In addition, any open space that can allow you to get some ‘dry swings’ (swinging at air) in would be great. An average professional or collegiate player would be getting 100-300 swings per day throughout January and February, so you should strive for at least 50-100 swings at air per week.

Most of all, keep the spirits up and get ready! Baseball season is on its way.


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