The Importance Of A Workout Program.

Elite baseball players are superbly fit athletes.  The competition is tight at the top level, so to have the edge on their opponents they need to stay fit.

What sort of exercises can you expect to see in a baseball workout program?

Always start out any exercise with warm-up stretching. The more muscles that you work well in the body, during your exercise, the better.  Ideally, you need to start out with building your base fitness level.  And to do this, every decent baseball workout program will have running as part of the schedule.  A half-hour to three-quarter-hour run is excellent for two to three days a week.

Dropping one of the runs, and jumping on your bike for an hour is a nice way to add some spice to your baseball workout programme.  Swimming is also a superb alternative.  Running, cycling or swimming are outstanding ways of building your stamina and fitness levels up.

Next is a really important bit, but it’s often forgotten by even some of the best baseball coaches.  These are the core muscle groups of the body.  If these are strong, your baseball actions can be built of this foundation of strength, and your action techniques can be refined much, much easier.

There are many exercise routines that work the muscles of the body core.  Functional strength exercises that develop strength in your body core do so by creating resistance or instability so that the core muscles must respond to maintain balance – and maintaining your balance is a key aspect for an agile baseball player.  Most exercise routines focus on building muscle, however working the muscles in your body core will improve the effectiveness of movements in your limbs.  It is a good idea to make sure that your core muscles in your upper torso are kept strong and healthy by performing core muscle exercises regularly.  Swiss balls, sit-ups, weights etc. are all great at keeping your core muscles nice and fit.  Definitely visiting the gym will aid your core muscle group, but you can work on building the muscle strength of your arms and legs as well as your torso working out at the gym.

Next, your baseball workout program needs to incorporate some speed drills to improve your speed out in the field come game time.  The baseball player has times when explosive sprint speed is required at 100%.  Maybe it is running between bases, or chasing a ball.  Training needs to mimic this requirement inside the game.

Sprint training requires repetitive full-speed bursts over 60 metres.  Between each sprint you should walk back to the start mark and stretch over the duration of a two minute period before heading off on another sprint at your maximum level.  Do at least fifteen sprints.

A baseball workout programme wouldn’t be complete without spending plenty of time perfecting your batting swing, your throwing arm, catching a ball at different heights and speeds, fielding a ball; and if you are a pitcher you need to be practicing your pitch to perfection.  The more time you spend practising these techniques during the week, the more naturally it will come to you come game day.

Create goals, and keep a record of your progress.  This enables you to grow in your game, and become a fitter player.  Training with a training buddy will give you a few laughs along the way.

If you make sure you have plenty of variety, build friendships and have fun during training, your baseball workout program will be a huge asset to your game.


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