A Must Read For Youth Baseball Coaches

Effective Practicing – Have a Plan!

Coaches would be pulling their hair out if they had to try to come up with
something off the top of their head every practice, and keep everyone on the field
happy and into learning the game of baseball. One of the best ways to run a
smooth practice that teaches skills and provides kids with an enjoyable
experience is to have a practice plan.
Coming into the practice with a script for how things should run is a great way to
take the pressure off you and your coaching staff and provide your players with
constant instruction and interaction. In this chapter, we have provided you 25
different practice plans that will address different areas of the game of baseball.
You will notice many of the drills that we have talked about in this book included
in the practice plans. These drills can be shaped and modified to suit your teams
needs. The practice plans are also just a guideline for you. Once you go through
a few of the practice plans, you are probably going to pick a few that you like the
best and go with those.
However you choose to use them, we hope that they come in handy when you
teach your players the game of baseball.

Here are a few tips to running a good practice:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Instruct the players on all techniques involved in a drill
  3. Include fun things like competitions or games to break up constant
    instruction – after all, they should have fun!
  4. Don’t criticize – INSTRUCT. Players respond much better to
    instruction than they do to ridicule and criticism.
  5. Keep the practice flowing, but include time for warm up, warm down
    and a few breaks for water.
  6. Run different stations that build on player skills. This gives kids
    more repetition and increases skill set.

Note: The practice plans are geared towards the intermediate and advanced
baseball player. You can insert the T-ball drills where you see fit.

Note: To run stations, use two of the practice plans at one practice, one for
hitting and another for fielding skills. You will give the players more repetition.


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