Baseball Training Aids for Mental Improvement

The art of pitching is learned when a player masters the physical components or mechanics through baseball training aids. Mastery can be achieved by diligently practicing and through the assistance of a pitching instructor. Through the instructor, a player will be able to incorporate the pitching concepts to his own style. How good a pitcher is can be measured when he can rely on his skill to make the pitch and to be consistent. Consistency yields positive outcomes and can eventually lead to confidence. However, mastering pitching mechanics through baseball training aids is only one of the two aspects that one must learn in pitching. You may have reliable mechanics but have a weak mental disposition. Baseball training aids must teach players on how to deal with mental pressure on the game by incorporating it in everyday practice.

As a part of an effective baseball training aid, it is suggested that players must develop their mental mechanics, too. If a player’s delivery has been repeatedly practiced, it won’t be able to determine the difference between practice and real game situations. Most baseball training aids suggest having a delivery rehearsed for a thousand times. But by constant practice, the mind of the player develops a false sense of security as it has been used to too much practice and repetitions. The mind doesn’t absorb and react well to the elements outside of that practice which are pressure, doubt, distractions, consequences and statistics. Even if the pitcher is well practiced, it doesn’t guarantee him of success especially if his mind is anxious, doubtful and confused with all the things happening in the game. Baseball training must design an exercise that aids players in preparation when it comes to dealing with baseball game variables.

Most baseball training aids focus on the physical elements rather than the mental aspect. Indeed, practice can help develop consistency in a player’s delivery but the mind can break or make the game. A player’s physical and mental mechanics must be balanced. What would good pitching serve if the mind of the pitcher is baffled?

To create effective baseball training aids, the development of mental mechanics of a player should be included. This can be done the same way the physical mechanics are developed. You can do this by countless hours of exercises or practice. Pitching should involve a clear and quiet mind. Thoughts should be absent. When the mind is clear, a player’s natural instincts and reactions are triggered.  If stress and pressure are present, these tend to block the path of a player’s instincts. Focus can be best achieved by having a clear and quiet mind.

Players can make use of a drill where they are taught that all other things that they would like to think off must be shaken out of their minds. If the mind has finally quieted down, that’s the time when they will finally be allowed to resume pitching. During practice, players should rate their state of mind per pitch until they are able to go back again and again to having a clear and quiet mind. Effective baseball training aids must teach players to develop mental mechanics and is best learned by identifying what “clear and quiet” is to every individual.


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