Joe Torre…Owner?

So now Joe Torre is officially going for ownership of the LA Dodgers. This should be considered a belated Christmas present to Dodger fans, and to the city of LA. Right now the City of Angels has no NFL team, and where at this time, the Clippers are more popular than the Lakers, and where the “other LA team from Anahiem” just signed the best player in baseball for ten years. Where does that leave the Dodgers and their fan base? It leaves them needing an owner like Joe Torre.

Having Torre as part owner of the Dodgers would bring several positives. First off, having an extremely smart “baseball guy” at the top can not hurt. He has been a player (18 seasons, 9 time all-star, and an MVP in his pocket), a Manager of 6 Pennants and 4 World Series Titles, and held anexecutive vice president position with Major League Baseball. His track record shows that he can accomplish a lot in a leading position when it comes to people, whether it is singular or as a team.

Now Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has stated strongly to Bud Selig that he wants a local owner for the Dodgers, how the next Dodgers owner should be from Los Angeles and should understand how the storied franchise is “deeply woven into the fabric of our great city.” But if there is any “outsider” that understands how important a storied franchise is to Los Angeles, it is Joe Torre. Besides, having a “local” owner is a big bucket of nonsense to me. My reasoning? One name…Arte Moreno (He is from Arizona). Look what he has done for the LA Angels organization.

Having Joe Torre as part owner with his over fifty years of baseball experience and knowledge could only expedite the Dodgers returning to baseball greatness. I am sure Torre knows how to surround himself with smart and knowledgable baseball people also, from the top executive positions, to on field personnel, all the way down to the low level minor leagues.

At the end of the day, if your team is winning, who really cares where your owner is from. If it helps, Torre is from the same town the Dodgers played before coming out west…Brooklyn, New York.


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