Getting The Most Out OF Your Off Season Workout.

As with any sort of athlete, baseball players can never truly relax; they have to work at keeping themselves always in shape. Even when not playing the game regularly, there is the need to stay fit; otherwise, you run the risk of losing all the strength, flexibility, body control, and so on that you’ve worked so hard to build up. So, off season baseball workouts can help you do just that.

Targeting Areas

In baseball, the arms and upper body are most critical. This is where the strength to hurl the ball and swing the bat comes from, and do both accurately. That’s what separates baseball from mere body building; brute strength isn’t enough. So, set up a program of exercises that you can do three times a week, and be sure to rest at least a full day between each session.

A Typical Program

This is by no means the best of only of the off season baseball workouts, but it’ll give you an idea of what to make use of in your routine. First, for the legs, do three sets of squats, leg curls, and leg extensions. With the squats, do ten to twelve reps; with the other two, twelve to fifteen is good. Next, for the chest, a basic barbell bench press is good. Do four sets, and gradually step down the reps. A typical pattern is twelve, ten, eight, and then six. For your back, a bent over barbell row is god, and you do the same number of reps as for the chest. In terms of reps, a fifteen, twelve, ten and eight pattern is fine.

As the arms are vitally important, you’ll want to do several exercises to target them. First, for the traps (trapezius), a dumbbell shrug is ideal. Be sure to not use too much weight; you may want to check with a trainer first in order to get a proper weight range set up. Then, do three sets, and use twelve, ten and six reps. To work your triceps, a lying tricep extension is perfect. Do three sets, and do ten, eight and eight for the reps. With the biceps, a standing barbell curl will keep those muscles firm and toned. So, do three sets, and follow the same rep cycle as the triceps. The forearms are a critical aspect of baseball playing; so a barbell wrist curl will help keep those muscles fit. But, you also don’t want to over do it; so, only doing two sets of fifteen reps each is best. If the forearms gets too “bulked up”, you’ll lose some of your flexibility and dexterity, and these are critical to playing baseball. Finally, decline sit ups are ideal for working your abs. do three sets of them, and twenty to twenty-five reps each time.

Words of Warning

As stated above, use one of the off season baseball workouts three times a week, and rest for at least a day between each session. This is important; your body builds up its strength during the recovery phase between workouts. If you exercises too often – say, every day – your muscles will end up getting injured, not improved. Next, follow the motto: “Train, not Strain”. Many people push themselves to their absolute limit, and even beyond it and get hurt; they feel that’s how to build up their muscles quickly. It isn’t; it’s a recipe for disaster. Any of the good off season baseball workouts will stress keeping the level of your efforts reasonable – especially as concerns your arms. Damaging or tearing muscles and/or ligaments can result in you being unable to play baseball (or anything else); so always exercise with care.


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