Long Toss Drill

The objective of this drill is to increase the accuracy of outfielders and to build arm strength.


This drill is to be executed after the players have warmed up at a short distance.  The players need to from two lines across from each other.  Cones can be used to set the distances for each stage of the drill.


Start at normal warm-up distance and have the players start throwing back and forth. A line of players will be situated along the foul line in the outfield while the other line is across from these players.  Once two players have successfully thrown the ball to each other back and forth 5 times then the player not on the foul line can move back to the next stage (about 5 yards back).  If the ball hits the ground or overthrown then the players have to restart the count.  The two players that reach the last stage wins the drill.



Coaching Points

  • The coach needs to stress the importance of throwing on a “line.” This means not to throw the ball on the path of a “rainbow”.
  • A number of techniques can be used to get more velocity on the ball in order to throw the ball on a direct path. This can be done by using a “bunny hop.”  This is done by taking a small hop toward the target before throwing to build momentum of the body towards the target.
  • By pointing the glove hand towards the target and bringing the glove back as the throwing hand moves forward will increase the momentum of the throwing arm.

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