Taking One For The Team

Last night Joe Kelly was knocked out of the game after two pitches, being

hit by a line drive from Carl Crawford in the elbow, losing 13-4 to the

Los Angeles Dodgers. Early word is that Kelly will be ok.

Not much good came out of last night’s game, except for Jake Westbrook.

Here are his stats.

IP 4 2/3
H  13
R  9
ER 9
BB 2
SO 1
NP 108

After looking at these stats, you are probably wondering “How, with those

stats, can you say something good can be taken from that?”

Because he took one for the team.

Westbrook, with no one in the Cardinals bullpen able to pitch multiple

innings, and with Mike Matheny wanting to rest his rookies, came in on

short rest, ZERO warning, and gutted it out until the sixth. Only a

longtime baseball fan can understand what Westbrook did for the

Cardinals. Westbrook is not familiar with coming out of the bullpen; He

is a starting pitcher, plain and simple.

He was able to eat up some innnings, and rest guys like Seth Maness and

Kevin Siegrist. Westbrook proved again that he is a team player and ready

to do what needs to be done. Yeah, his stats will not appreciate it, but

I am pretty sure that his teammates, coaching staff, and certain fans do.


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