Give Me Some Small Ball!!!

ImageThe game elements of small ball include solid pitching and defense. On offense, you need to take walks, sacrifice bunt, execute hit-and-runs, hit sacrifice flies, steal bases, and take advantage of every opportunity that the opponent gives you. Bunting for instance, is a talent but it certainly is teachable and learnable. Waiting to show your intentions, deciding where to place the ball, running as fast as possible to put pressure on the defense to make a play. Base stealing is more than raw speed. It’s reading the pitcher

Small ball works best when you use it over the entire game. Forcing the action, making the defense make plays, hustling, stealing bases may yield you a run every couple of innings. Rarely will you get a huge outburst, a big rally playing small ball. But you can drive your opponents crazy if you do it well. They will not enjoy playing you in the future, which can work to your advantage then.

Small ball doesn’t work well if you get behind more than a couple of runs. It’s hard to stay on the plan if you know you’re not likely to make up runs in bunches.


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