RIP Frank Jobe

Today baseball lost a great Doctor. Tommy John lost a GREAT friend. Frank Jobe passed away today.
I remember him my 1st spring in Vero Beach. Dressed in tennis whites playing tennis with all the wives. BTW, he was a much, much better surgeon.
When he told me what was going to happen to my left elbow, I trusted him as a friend first, doctor second. I knew he had my best interests at heart. If he had told me to bury my glove at 2nd base I would have done it. Because of our bond and trust I won 164 games after the groundbreaking surgery. The most amazing stat was that I never missed a start in the 13 years post surgery.
I got to spend 90 minutes with him at the Humana Golf Tournament in January. We laughed and told stories to numerous tour golfers.
Frank Jobe was a great surgeon but an even better human being. I told him that if I ever made it to Cooperstown I wanted him with me. He will be with me in spirit now.
RIP My friend!!

– Tommy John, via FacebookImage


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