I have been a baseball fan, since as far back as I can remember, which would be 1977. I remember my dad telling me about reggie Jackson hitting three homeruns in the 1977 World Series, to the chancts of “REG-GIE, REG-GIE, REG-GIE!”

I grew up playing baseball, collected baseball cards (yes, I still have some left, down in the basement, stowed away in cardboard boxes), and to this day I watch any game that I can, when time permits.

I remember in the 1980’s…Pete Rose, aka hitting 4192 off of off Eric show, Goose Gossage beaning Ron Cey in the 1981 World Series, Dave Righetti’s no-hitter on July 4th, 1983, when 30 homeruns was regarded as a monster year, the strike of 1981, Rickey henderson and Tim Raines stealing bases galore, Whitey ball, Willie McGee’s catch, ugly uniforms (think of Seattle, Houston, and Milwaukee), Orel Hershiser’s 59 scoreless innings, the Pond Scum; pitchers such as fernando Valenzuela, Dwight Gooden, Mike Scott, Roger Clemens, Dan Quisenberry, Bruce Sutter, and Lee Smith; Players such as Cal Ripken, Jr., Tony Gwynn, Don Mattingly, Robin Yount, George Brett, Mike Schmidt,Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson, Jack Clark, Harold Baines, Dale Murphy, Darryl Strawberry, Ken Griffey, Jr., and Kirk Gibson.

These are the guys I grew up with. I have been following baseball ever since. even through two work stoppages and drug & steriod scandals, I stuck with baseball.

Although this site is for my thoughts on sports, baseball will usually be my most frequent entry.

I have a couple of habits I do when it comes to a big game. Number one, I do not listen to any of the pre-game crap that they spew for 40 minutes on Fox. I come for the game. If I want “TV personality”, I’ll switch over “Girls Next Door” . Just give me the game, with the broadcasters talking baseball, stats and game situations.

Angels in the Outfield
The Bad News Bears (Original and Remake)
Bang the Drum Slowly
Bull Durham
Eight Men Out
Everyone’s Hero
Fear Strikes Out
Fever Pitch
Field Of Dreams
For the Love of the Game
The Jackie Robinson Story
A League of Their OWn
Major League I, II, and III
Pride OF The Yankees
The Rookie
The Sandlot
The Stratton Story
Summer Catch
Long Gone

old busch


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