Five Tips To A Better Fastball

1) Don’t be predictable

Ask any hitter when they get 0-2 in the count if they think they are going to see a curveball in the next two pitches…They will say yes. Good time to buzz a fastball on the outer black of the plate.

2) Throw It Early In The Count

Most pitchers wait until they are ahead in the count to throw the curve.
A first pitch curve over the plate has an .069 batting average in the MLB.

3) Perfect Or In The Dirt With Two Strikes

Pitchers need to be ingrained in their belief of the following…Be perfect or in the dirt. Aperfect pitch will get you results…a dirt mistake will get you maybe one out of ten swing and misses  and no homeruns…the mistake over the plate will be very different.

4) Know Your Personality

Don’t throw a loopy curve if you are a power pitcher. Don’t throw a hard curve if you are a finesse pitcher

5) NEVER Shut It Down

Too many times pitchers shut down a certain pitch if it is not working. BIG mistake. Never shut it down completely. Take your between innings warm up to throw it. You may get that feel and bite back for it. Also, the opposing team and coaching staff is bound to pick up on it sooner than later. Throwing a bad one (in the dirt) is better then shutting it down.

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